LifePointe Church’s response to COVID-19

This page is the best place to find up-to-date information on how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting operations at LifePointe.

The Elders and staff are monitoring the situation, and are committed to ongoing evaluation going forward for how we can best respond in the midst of this crisis.

Our elders have decided that we will not physically gather for Sunday Worship through April 5.

Please join us for worship together through the LiveStream!

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update | April 1, 2020

Good afternoon LifePointe family,

As we continue to navigate this unique season, remember that we are still knit together in unity by God’s Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:2-6) who cannot be limited by social distancing. Praise God! You are prayed for by your church, and you have the great blessing and opportunity to lift one another up in prayer and encouragement. Please, take some time today to reach out to someone you know in the church to pray for them – by phone, email or text. Even as we are socially distancing, we can still dwell in the reality and the joy of fellowship by the Spirit Jesus has sent to us.


Easter Update

Once again, we continue to ask with eager hopefulness: when can we worship together in the same space again? Unfortunately – as we anticipated last week – we will be gathering via live-stream for our Easter Sunday service on April 12th (more details below).

This decision is made with hearts that are heavy because we will miss physically gathering together for Easter… and yet also hopeful as we consider the unexpected joy rooted in the reality that HE IS RISEN.

We are choosing to believe that the significance of Jesus’ resurrection is greater than even our feelings of disappointment and grief in these current circumstances. Please, join us in this intentional step of faith! Though we would much prefer physically gather to celebrate Easter, we trust that God is working in special, unique ways that are beyond our current field of vision. This trust drives us to plan creative ways for us to engage our community and invite friends and neighbors to join us for this celebration – so stay tuned.



Financial Update

As we shared last week, it is vital that as a church during this time we shift together the way we worship God through giving. Thank you for your response! Praise God: there were many new givers in the online system (, and many people gave through mailing checks to the church. Remember, we believe that all giving is to be a joyful overflow of the heart, never motivated by guilt or compulsion, all for God’s glory. We trust God’s work in each of us as we prayerfully discern what we should give.


Where does our giving stand today? We value keeping everyone informed of our financial position and giving levels, and right now it is complicated to provide a clear picture of where we stand.


Our fiscal year began with remarkable giving. In January, giving was up as much as 15% over the same weeks last year! The generosity demonstrated from November through January is carrying our total for the fiscal-year thus far, meaning that at the moment our total giving is up 5% over last year. If we look at giving only during February and March when Corona Virus began to impact the economy, there is a significant downward trend evident as this years’ giving during those months is down 15% compared to last year.


What does it all mean? It is difficult to say at this point. God has provided just what we need, and we trust Him. As the coming months present economic uncertainties for each of us, we will continue to trust the Lord for both provision and wisdom, and pray for the faith to walk in what He provides to us. We will keep a close watch on the church’s finances, and will be faithful in our calling to steward every opportunity and resource that God provides. Thank you for your sacrificial giving!


Good Friday Service


Communion this Sunday

Finally, please watch this video as we prepare for sharing the sacrament of communion during worship both this Sunday and on Good Friday.

With much love and thankfulness for you,

The LifePointe Church elder team

COVID-19 Update March 25

Good afternoon LifePointe family,You are in the prayers of your elder board, and we are all in the faithful, reliable hands of our heavenly Father.

As we monitor and navigate the international pandemic of the COVID-19 virus – including today’s new “Stay-At-Home” order issued by Larimer County – we praise God that we can rely upon His nearness, His unchanging character, and His word that nourishes, refreshes, and enlivens us like cool water on a hot day. We can join King David who, after being captured by his enemies the Philistines, declared to God in Psalm 56: “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.” Join us as we put our trust in the Lord!

We all cherish the family of faith God has established at LifePointe, so we continue to ask with eager anticipation: when can we worship together in the same space again? As your elders, we prayerfully ask this question as we live in the tension of setting aside fear to take up faith while embracing God’s wisdom provided through His word, His Holy Spirit, medical experts, and the government leaders that He has established to work for our good. Last week we made the decision to only worship via live-stream through April 5th, holding out hope that we might be able to meet in-person to celebrate Easter Sunday. After our decision last week, the state government ordered that there be no gatherings larger than 10 people through April 17th, while we hear national leaders talk of opening the country before Easter. Today, Larimer County joined a number of Colorado cities and counties and issued a “Stay-At-Home” order in effect through April 17th.

Taking all of this into consideration, we anticipate needing to worship via live-stream for Easter Sunday services on April 12th; however, our final decision will be made next Wednesday, April 1st, by 5pm so as to include as much information as possible.

In the meantime, a fantastic team of volunteers and staff are working hard to provide an excellent worship experience for us to participate in together via live-stream. THANK YOU! Each week they are working to improve the experience. For this coming Sunday, we are working hard to provide this worship experience directly from our website ( in addition to our Facebook page ( so that we can all participate. Please keep this team in your prayers!

Also, be sure to check-out this video put together by Craig Fortunato – one of our pastors/elders – for some pointers on how to get the most out of a live-streamed, at-home worship experience.

As we shift how we gather for worship through singing praises and the ministry of the Word via live-stream, it is vital that as a church we also shift together the way we worship God through giving. Despite some savings in utilities and paper costs during this temporary season, the vast majority of our costs remain fixed. These costs, covered by our general offering, include: Global Partner (missionary) support; staff salaries; building loan mortgage; twice-yearly HVAC required maintenance; fire-system monitoring… the list goes on. Our staff are working hard to pivot the way each of our ministries functions, and are doing a remarkable job as they seek to equip God’s people for works of ministry (Ephesians 4).

If you have not yet tried giving online, please consider it! Head to to access our safe and secure online giving system. You can set up gifts via ACH (electronic check), debit/credit card, or Apple Pay. The most cost-efficient way to give online is to set up giving through an ACH deposit. However, we thankfully enjoy the lowest electronic processing fees available anywhere for any electronic giving. All of these options allow for special one-time OR recurring gifts and will enable you to give both to the General Fund (includes global missions and our local operations) and the Benevolence Fund.

If you are unable or uncomfortable with online giving, please consider setting up gifts through your bank’s bill-pay system (mails a paper check to the church building) or mailing a check. These gifts can be sent to LifePointe Church c/o offering team, 900 E Prospect Rd Fort Collins CO 80524.

Finally, you may be asking, What can I do to help our community? We are EXCITED to share that our partnership with Serve6.8 is expanding, and soon we will have new opportunities to help those in our community and in the greater northern Colorado community who are most impacted by current events. Stay tuned!

God is on the move – both in us and in our community! Join us as we seek to see and embrace the ways that He is working for good, even through the current circumstances and despite the evil and brokenness in our world. Let’s trust His goodness together.

With much love and prayer for you,

The LifePointe Church elder team

The following was sent via email to the church email list on Wednesday, March 18th:


COVID-19 Update March 18


Dear Lifepointe Church Community,


Your elders are carefully and thoughtfully monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 virus. We met last night via video-conferencing for our weekly meeting, first to pray for the needs that we were made aware of, (as we do weekly), and then to discuss the business of the church. 


The question at the top of everyone’s mind continues to be, “When will we worship together again?”  We all wish we had a definitive answer to share! We discussed at length the guidelines issued by the CDC, and our state and federal government, as well as the leading of the Holy Spirit. With an overabundance of caution and an even greater abundance of love for you, we have decided that we will not meet for at least the next three Sundays (March 22nd, 29th and April 5th), with the hope of meeting in our worship center on Easter Sunday, April 12th.  We recognize that this time may be extended because of this rapidly changing situation.  


With this in mind, we will continue to meet every Sunday morning online at 9:30am, for a live streaming service.  You can find our live stream at   We received a lot of positive feedback from last week’s service, and are taking the steps to make it an even better worship experience for everyone.  This coming Sunday we will have a larger music ensemble, improved sound, and a higher-resolution camera.


We will always post updates for the next Sunday, by 5pm every Wednesday. Find those updates at  That will be the day and time that you can rely on for any information about upcoming activities.  Please know that we love you, we want to be together, and that we will continue to do our best to protect our church family.  Please continue to send any requests and prayer needs to


With love in Christ for all of you,


Your Elder Team

LifePointe Church

The following was sent via email to the church email list on Friday, March 13th:

Dear LifePointe Church family,

The elders are closely monitoring the situation caused by the new strain of Corona Virus (COVID – 19) and its impact on our community. As we monitor the situation, we are reminded of some beautiful truths from God’s Word:

  • Scripture commands us not to fear, even in the midst of danger, and calls us to instead put our trust in the Lord – Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 56:3
  • As followers of Jesus we are gifted with the peace of Jesus which we receive as we pray about that which might make us anxious – Philippians 4:6-7, John 14:27
  • We are called to love in the face of fear – 1 John 4:18

As we consider the situation created by the spread of COVID-19, we are overwhelmed with gratitude that God has created us to be a church family that includes every generation, and a great variety of people. This means that we have in our midst brothers and sisters who are considered “high risk” for contracting COVID-19, and who will suffer greatly – potentially to the point of death – if infected. COVID-19 can be passed along by an infected person for up to 5 days before they show any symptoms or have any idea that they are a carrier.

The threat presented by this virus is very real and very dangerous. As Christians, we have the freedom in Christ to respond to dangerous threats in love instead of fear. If we are to respond in love, we must understand the reality of the situation… and while the response of some may be panic-driven and irrational, the reality of this global pandemic cannot be ignored.

We reflect God’s deep love for our community, and long to demonstrate that love in sacrificial ways that position people to best receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. As stated above, we are blessed to be a church that God has created to include every generation, and a great variety of people – which means we have many who are more likely to contract the virus and who would suffer greatly under its effects.

Out of an abundance of caution – and an even greater abundance of love! – the Elders at LifePointe Church are taking the following steps, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Colorado Governor’s office and the Centers for Disease Control to slow the spread of this outbreak. These will be in-place for this week, with ongoing evaluation for future weeks in the days to follow:

  • This Sunday March 15th our worship services will ONLY be live-streamed for us to participate in our own homes. Visit for details on the livestream. There will be no physical gathering this Sunday for the worship service OR for any 11am Community Life opportunities.
  • Groups not meeting through Saturday March 21st: Groups of 10 or more, or groups that include people considered by the CDC to be “high risk” (older adults, anyone with medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung Disease, compromised immune system, blood disorders, pregnancy, etc.), will not meet this week, through Saturday March 21st.
  • Outside groups that utilize our facility will not be meeting.

Though this decision is motivated by love, we understand that it is both a majorand a temporary disruption in how we function as God’s Church. Our strong desire is to resume gathering as soon as possible in a way that is both loving and responsible. With this in mind, we are committed to ongoing evaluation during future weeks to determine when we can gather in our building in a loving, responsible way. Please pay attention to your email inbox, LifePointe’s social media presence, and for the latest information.

During this time, we need to BE THE CHURCH, both for the sake of our broader community and for the sake of each other in the church.It is vital that we maintain a personal, prayerful connection with the church and with our neighbors. Besides connecting with the livestream of the worship service this Sunday, please take some time to BE THE CHURCH by:

  • Calling the people in your LifeGroup or Bible Class to pray with/for them over the phone
  • Prayerfully consider who in the church you can minister to by sending a verse of Scripture, a written prayer, or other word of encouragement
  • Actively loving and caring for your neighbors in physical and spiritual ways (running to the grocery store for older or at-risk neighbors, praying with neighbors, checking on them, etc.)

If you have other ideas or ways that we can continue to be the church, please share them!

Please direct any questions about our LifePointe’s response to this situation to

In the love and hope of Jesus,

your LifePointe Elders