John Webb

John Webb

I love my family.  We have fun together, create memories together, and all of us have unique gifts and personalities which we recognize in each other and encourage each other to develop.  I met Daylene when she was in nursing school and I was a junior at CSU.  Our relationship began as a friendship during my junior year, and developed into a deep love for her over the course of the next year, and we married on August 3, 1983. We’ve enjoyed living in California, and Texas, but our hearts are here in Colorado! We have two sons and a new daughter-in-law who we dearly love.  Andrew, 23, married Shea, also 23, in October 2012.  They live in Vancouver, WA, where Andrew works as a full-time case manager for a family shelter.  Shea is pursuing a counseling ministry.  Tyler, 17, is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School, and plans on pursuing some kind of ministry as well. He has his sights set on a few different Christian universities. Daylene is an R.N. with Kaiser-Permanente.  I own my own glass and windows business – The Glass Guru.

Personal Vision: 
To align my life with the Holy Spirit daily, and allow Him to direct my paths into the areas of life and ministry where I can be most effective.  I desire to be a blessing to others in whatever I do every day.  Although I do make business goals, I have discovered that life is much more than a job, a career path, or a specific plan for the future.  I have discovered my greatest joys in the unscripted roles that I find myself in, whether in my business, my home, my relationships, or in my current ministry as an elder and a life group leader for the college guys. God’s surprises are the best.

B.A. in Technical Journalism & Business, Colorado State University.

Interests and Favorites

  • Places: I traveled all over Europe, and then traveled and worked in developing countries worldwide, working with a USAID project right out of college for a few years. That was a great experience for me.  Currently, I enjoy traveling with my family and we’ve had some great vacations together all over the country. The best times are sightseeing, swimming, skiing, or just having meals together where we love to visit.
  • What’s on your iPhone: I don’t have a lot of music but I enjoy Pandora, which allows me to enjoy 70’s classic rock.  I have a good collection of Kindle books and a few games that I enjoy. The necessary evils of email and all apps to help me run my business are on there as well.
  • Books: Besides the bible I enjoy authors John Eldridge and CS Lewis. I’m a huge fan of WW2 novels – Unbroken and Lost in Shanghai are a couple I have read recently.  My interest was sparked by my grandfather who was from Germany and worked at a German POW camp.  I also enjoy John Grisham legal novels, and Patricia Cornwell mysteries.
  • What do you DVR: I always DVR Broncos games, and more recently, Duck Dynasty and The Big Bang Theory.  I don’t spend my time watching anything I don’t enjoy.
  • Sports Teams: Denver Broncos; the Colorado Rockies, and the Colorado Avalanche hockey (during their glory years).  As I have gotten older I have enjoyed watching football purely for the joy of watching good players, good plays, and good teamwork.
  • Movies: The Shawshank Redemption, the Lord of the Rings series, and any movie that is well-written, and well-plotted, and makes me laugh or even cry!
  • Hobbies: Golf, skiing, reading, and anything that I get to do with family or friends. I enjoy coffee shops with anyone along with good conversation.
  • Pet peeves: #1 – Speaking without thinking first.  (This would solve many of the world’s problems, not to mention problems with the evangelical church in general.  Ha-ha)  #2 – see #1.  #3 – see #1.
  • Odd Facts: I’m a brain aneurism survivor – 9 years now.  My son and I both proposed to our wives on two different Roosevelt Bridges without any knowledge of the other.  Me in the Poudre Canyon, Colorado, and Andrew in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Life Scripture:
“I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.”  Philippians 4:13.

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