I'm all-in to ReEngage

In 2021 we envision our great Shepherd calling us to ReEngage as a committed community, and we’re deploying two strategies this year to help us.

First, we are building a phone call ministry team that will regularly check-in with scattered people.  Even if you’re not joining the Phone Call Ministry Team, we’re encouraging everyone to pick up the phone and connect with anyone God may bring to your mind.  Call to listen to how people are doing, pray for their needs, and consider how to stir up their love for others and activate their faith.  Click the button to join the Phone Call Ministry Team


Our second strategy is called “You plus Two.”   Instead of simply going wider with a larger group of people, we want everyone to go deeper with just a few.  “You plus two” is a simple formula for deeper connections that help us persevere & grow together in Christ.  This smaller group of people exists to check-in with each other once a week via a group text thread, email or call.  These “You + Two” groups can form within LifeGroups and Bible Classes or outside of these groups.  Click the button to be paired-up with a couple other people.     


We will never forget 2020 for our collective pain. 
We are praying that 2021 will be a year we never forget for our collective perseverance as we ReEngage together.
I'm all-in to ReEngage