That you may BELIEVE PART 2

That you may BELIEVE - the gospel of John PART 2

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ONE Fasting & Prayer

ONE Fasting & Prayer
We have called everyone at LifePointe to join in a season of prayer and fasting as we seek God’s direction for our church. One day of fasting, once a month, for one church, to have one vision. Through fasting, we desire to set aside something good, in order to seek Someone greater. As we fast on the first Sunday of each month, we will provide a gathering, a rally point, to fast and pray together. Our Community Life hour will be canceled on these dates so that the whole church can gather together in our worship center to fast and pray during that hour (childcare still provided). Those dates are:
• November 3rd
• December 1st
• January 5th
• February 2nd
• March 1st
We also will provide a monthly “Prayer & Fasting Guide” throughout this season. Please download this month’s guide below. We eagerly anticipate how God will respond to the prayers of His people. Even as you fast and pray, know that we are praying for you, that God might strengthen and unite our church in prayer.

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The Habits of Grace by David Mathis. Free ebook download


Celebration of Discipline: The Paths to Spiritual Growth by Richard Foster (Chapter 3 & 4 on prayer & fasting)