Rex Steffen


Rex was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to Glen and Esther Steffen. At an early age his parents explained the good news of Christ to him and he prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. Rex doesn’t remember that event, but he does remember a specific time when he was in high school that the Spirit of God opened his eyes in a new way to God’s glorious grace and sparked a desire to fully trust Christ and follow him in faith and obedience.

Brad Miller

Brad and Jeanne Miller have two grown sons, Brett and Jason, both of which are strong believers. Brett has his PhD in Linguistics and is seeking a teaching position. Jason is married to Whitney and they have two children and expecting a third. Jason is a software engineer at Hewlett Packard.

Jim Ramirez

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and I was 7th  of 9 children. I came to Christ in College.  After graduating in 1982, I moved to Southern California where I accepted a job with Hughes Aircraft Company. I attended Acacia Baptist Church where I fell in love with the Pastor’s daughter. Her name was Rita who I later made my wife in 1986.

John Webb

I love my family.  We have fun together, create memories together, and all of us have unique gifts and personalities which we recognize in each other and encourage each other to develop.  I met Daylene when she was in nursing school and I was a junior at CSU.  Our relationship began as a friendship during my junior year, and developed into a deep love for her over the course of the next year, and we married on August 3, 1983.