Gathering for Worship in the Midst of COVID: a Pastoral Note

Since early in the pandemic, we have aimed to consistently follow the 6 Scriptural Principles for Gathering The Church During COVID established to guide our decisions about how to operate as a church. In alignment with those principles, we have utilized guidance from public health experts as useful in determining how to follow Scripture’s command to love our neighbors in how we choose to gather as the Church. Recently, public health experts have made huge changes to their recommendations for the health and safety of Americans; experts at all levels are adopting these new recommendations.

With this change in guidance from health experts, we see that our community’s perception of our current level of health and safety is greatly increased. Thus, we believe we can now gather more freely while continuing to glorify God in how we love our neighbors and community… including our neighbors both inside and outside the church.

Our goal as we gather more freely is to provide several options for people attending worship in-person. Our aim is to walk in love together, understanding that what feels safe for some of us may be different than what feels safe for others. So, there will be a variety of options available for attending worship in-person, and we will listen and adjust our approach going forward so that we can walk in love and unity together.

LifePointe’s plan beginning Sunday, May 16, 2021 is as follows:

  • Masks will be optional for everyone, throughout the building. Everyone should feel free to wear a mask or to choose not to wear a mask, anywhere in the building, with one exception:
  • Masks will be required for anyone seated in the Balcony of the Worship Center. Please do not sit in the balcony unless you are ready and willing to wear your mask.
  • Social Distancing partially removed: in the front-half of the main level of the worship center, all of the pews will be available and open for seating without social distancing, with masks being optional.
  • Social Distancing retained: in the back-half of the main level of the worship center, every-other pew will be available for those who desire to continue to social-distance, with masks being optional.
  • VACCINATIONS: We do not believe that vaccination status should be a cause for division in the church. Thus, we will NOT be asking anyone about their vaccination status in order to determine whether they can enter the building, or whether or not they should wear a mask. We trust each person to make a responsible decision with regards to these issues.
  • Livestream of our worship services will continue.

One final thought: 
As followers of Christ, we are all entitled to walk in love with each other! Not all of us will yet feel safe gathering without a mask. Therefore, we are asking EVERYONE, regardless of vaccination status, to demonstrate love by bringing a mask with you to church. If you feel comfortable NOT wearing your mask, please keep it in your pocket; if you end up talking or in fellowship with someone who is wearing a mask, please walk in love by slipping your mask on for that conversation. This is a simple way to love and care for the body of Christ.

Thank you for your love and diligence through this season! We are excited to see you for worship this Sunday.

6 Scriptural Principles for Gathering During COVID