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LifePointe Church is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and averages between 200 and 300 in weekly attendance. Located less than a mile from Colorado State University and one hour from Rocky Mountain National Park, we are grateful to be a multi-generational church with over 140 years of history in our community.

At LifePointe, we operate with a Plurality of Leadership. This means we do not have a traditional Lead Pastor or Senior Pastor; instead, we operate with a plurality of Elders responsible for leading the church. No single elder is elevated in authority as head over the other elders or over the church; each elder has an equal vote and voice in decisions.  Some are lay elders, and some are staff elders.

The staff elders are known as the Pastoral Leadership Team and are appointed to lead in the areas they are gifted, being recognized as the “first among equals” in these specific areas. The typical responsibilities of a Lead or Senior Pastor are shared by the Pastoral Leadership Team as they serve together within their gifting. We have operated in this manner since 2016, formally adopting the model in 2017 after an extensive study by the elder board and vote by the congregation. While we believe there is nothing wrong with a Lead Pastor model, we have found the Plurality model helpful to our particular church in bringing stability and unity around a shared vision that has been developed collaboratively, and does not rest with one particular person.


Our longing is to see all of our staff grow more and more dependent on Jesus as we serve in the areas of our gifting and calling. This longing drives a staff culture that is: collaborative, driven by our mission and vision, and focuses on a ministry of equipping that positions volunteer servants to do the work of ministry – see Ephesians 4:11-16. As we grow in dependence on Jesus, we believe that our staff team will grow in spiritual, emotional and relational health that reflects the heart and character of Christ – see Galatians 5:16-26 and also

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The Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator position is a part-time, salaried position serving church families by providing a beautiful, safe, gospel-driven environment for children (birth through the start of kindergarten) to enjoy learning about Jesus together.

Interested? Thoroughly read the job description (see blue button below) to find out who we are looking for. If you meet our requirements, prepare a cover letter & resume, then complete the digital Employment Application Form (grey button below) which includes instructions for submitting your cover letter and resume.

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