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We believe the word of God – found in the Bible – has the power to transform us, regardless of where we start. Life change doesn’t begin with our efforts, it begins with the work of Jesus found throughout the Bible. We believe that God changes people through the faithful declaration of His Word. That’s why our Preaching Team prayerfully prepares messages to challenge and equip us to grow in Jesus.

The aim of our preaching ministry is in alignment with our value We start and stay with Scripture. Preaching at LifePointe will include a range of topical and verse-by-verse series, always focused on understanding Scripture’s meaning and the principals it teaches. The meaning and principals of Scripture are then prayerfully applied to our modern context. The work of our preaching ministry is accomplished by the elder-qualified men on our Preaching Team, who meet weekly for prayer, study, evaluation and planning.

Colossians: Fullness of Life in Christ

A Legacy Worth Leaving

Easter 2024Suffering Redeemed


One Step at a Time

Christmas EveNew Years' Eve2023 at LifePointe

Prayer ExercisePrayer Exercise - Kids Version

In His Image: God-Centered Sexuality

God-Centered Sexuality Summary PDF

In His Image: God-Centered Sexuality
Week 1 (11/12) – Rejecting 2 Foundational Lies
Week 2 (11/19) – God’s Design for Marriage
Week 3 (11/26) – God’s Great Purpose for Marriage
Week 4 (12/3)   – God’s Great Purpose for Singleness
Week 5 (12/10) – How Does Jesus Respond to Sexual Sin?

Resources mentioned in within God-Centered Sexuality Sermon Series:


Realigning Our Lives With the Purpose of God

This Is My Story

1st Thessalonians: Holiness + Hope in a Hostile World


Understanding Finances + Faith Growth

Resurrection Reality

JobFaith Under Fire

The Weary World RejoicesDecember 18, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Devotional

Father AbrahamSteps of faith in the book of Genesis


Next Steps 2026

LifePointe’s 4-Year Strategic Plan

Vision Sunday | September 11, 2022

PhilippiansFinding the Unexpected Joy of Trusting Christ More and More

A Bible Study complementary to LifePointe’s Summer Sermon Series

Study PDF

In His Image

IN HIS IMAGE: an exploration of what it means to be human. Do you ever wrestle with deep questions about what it means to be human, where we came from, what has gone wrong with our world, and whether there is any real hope for a solution?

Holy Week 2022

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday

Love Your Neighbor

March 20 – April 3

Love Your Neighbor Tools

Kingdom Calendar

Serve Like Jesus

January 9 – January 23

Immanuel - God With Us

November 28 – December 19

Advent Sermon Series


Embracing Christ's Great Commission Today

LifePointe Church exists to glorify God and make gospel-driven disciples by engaging people in the unexpected joy of a life more and more dependent on Jesus.

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