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LifePointe Church exists To glorify God And make Gospel-driven disciples by engaging people in the unexpected joy of a life more and more dependent on Jesus.

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What's The Book About?

Imagine holding your Bible on an elevator ride and the stranger next to you asks “What’s that book about?” How would you answer? In this 6-week series we’ll explore the Big Story of the Bible in just six words. In order to better understand any individual part of the Bible we must first understand the whole. It’s within this context, the grand narrative of all of scripture, that we can better understand who God is, who we are, and the purpose of the universe. Whether you’ve never opened a Bible or if you’ve read it dozens of times, join us for six weeks that could transform your entire outlook on the world.

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The church is in the hope business. We of all people ought to be known most for our hope; because our hope is founded on something deeper than human ability or wishful thinking. In this pandemic people are stirring up a cauldron of emotions: fear, confusion, disappointment, uncertainty, anger, and loss of hope.
At such a time as this we want to dig deep in the treasury of God’s word and find a hope that will not let us down, will not be crushed by current events, that will lift us up and give us courage to persevere. We want a hope that will not disappoint.
Our hope is fixed on Jesus Christ and the future and glorious salvation he has prepared for us. Join us as we explore how this hope sloshes over into all the areas of our lives and relationships.

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Do you ever feel that you are on your own? Or that your need is continual, but there is nowhere to turn? Like nothing is quite right? Do you feel restless, easily frustrated and often disappointed? Join us as we encounter something that is often elusive and rarely experienced: satisfaction. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and we are the object of His love, provision and sacrifice. Join us for a deep-dive into a familiar Scripture as we encounter the living Jesus. Join us for Satisfied.

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