Three Essential Marks of Spiritual Maturity

Ten key questions for the three areas of living like Jesus.  Mature disciples should think like Jesus, act like Jesus, and become like Jesus.  Keeping these three areas in balance ensures disciples don’t simply learn information about Jesus but begin to obey his commands and bear fruit for his glory.

Think like Jesus

Central Question: What am I learning about God?

Supporting Scriptures

    • Rom. 12:1-2
    • 1 Cor. 2:13-16
    • Phil. 4:8

10 Key Beliefs

    • Bible - How can the Bible direct every area of my life?
    • God - When I think about God, what do I see?
    • Creation - What is my relationship to the created universe?
    • Humanity - How am I made in God’s image?
    • Sin - Why do I do bad things and fail to do good things?
    • Christ - Who is Jesus?
    • Salvation - How can I become a Christian?
    • Church - Why should I belong to God’s people?
    • Future - Where is the universe headed?
    • Gospel - What is the good news from Scripture?
Act like Jesus

Central Question: How am I embracing God's design & obeying his commands?

Supporting Scriptures

    • 1 John 2:3-6
    • Matthew 28:20
    • James 1:22
    • Matthew 26:36-46

10 Key Practices

    • Worship - How am I pursuing Jesus as my greatest Joy?
    • Word - How do I start with scripture in everyday life? 
    • Prayer - Do I speak to God like he’s my heavenly Father?
    • Fellowship - How am I growing in community with other believers?
    • Repentance - Am I grieved by my sin and confess it to God and others?
    • Service - How am I serving others and not just myself?
    • Generosity - How am I giving away my time, talent, and treasure?
    • Evangelism - Am I investing in someone far from God?
    • Multiplication - Who have I discipled through someone I have discipled?
    • Discernment - How do I walk in step with the spirit in my decisions?
Become like Jesus

Central Question: Who am I becoming in Christ?

Supporting Scriptures

    • Eph. 4:22-24
    • 2 Cor. 5:17
    • Galatian 5:22-23

10 Key Character Attributes

      • Love - How have I treated other people the way I would like to be treated?
      • Joy - How is my contentment affected by everyday circumstances?
      • Peace - How have I experienced Christ’s wholeness in my thinking, actions, and relationships?
      • Patience - How have I demonstrated restraint when things don’t go my way?
      • Kindness - How have I anticipated the needs of others?
      • Goodness - How have my actions reflected God’s character?
      • Faithfulness - How have I persevered when tempted to give up?
      • Gentleness - How do my words reflect the tone Jesus spoke with?
      • Self-control - When have I said no to me and yes to Jesus?
      • Dependence -  Where have I turned when I’m under pressure?