Why LifeGroups?

Being active in a LifeGroup is the best way to connect with others and grow in your faith here at LifePointe. We desire to see our people in a LifeGroup at a minimum of 2 out of the 3 trimesters.

A LifeGroup is a group of people meeting together weekly in convenient locations, growing in their faith in Jesus Christ, connecting with people to potentially develop friendships and enjoying life together.

We have three Community Life trimesters a year that allow the opportunity to try different groups.

  • Fall (October – December)
  • Spring (February – April)
  • Summer (June – August)

Join a group any time; however we realize most people do not like joining something in the middle. The beginning of a trimester is always a good time to join a group. Trimesters also allow you to try new groups, they give you (and our leaders) a break three times a year during our registration months (September, January and May) and they allow you to try out LifeGroups knowing that our commitment is only for a few months.

No. Sunday Morning LifeGroups meet every Sunday of the year except during Easter, Christmas, New Year’s, and any major all-Church functions on Sunday mornings.

First, look at the list of groups on our menu to find a group that looks of interest to you. You can also talk to the group leaders, other people you know at LifePointe Church, or contact our Community Life Pastor, Craig Fortunato for recommendations.

It depends on the group. Some groups have accommodations for those participating with children. Groups that provide childcare are noted in the menu.

Growing in your faith in Jesus Christ is best accomplished in LifeGroups. It’s personal, it’s relational, it’s about life transformation! Meeting new people and developing friendships is what we are all about! Enjoying life together is what Jesus had in mind.

Not necessarily. You will only share what you feel comfortable sharing. We understand it takes time to build trust and relationship with other people. LifeGroups is about growing in your faith, connecting with other people and enjoying the group… together.