Alex Riehl

Alex Riehl | Youth Ministry Intern

My name is Thomas Alexander Riehl, but I have gone by Alex since I can remember. I was born in Waco Texas and will turn 27 years old this June. I am married to my lovely wife Kendra. I met Kendra while attending Adams State University. We instantly connected and knew that God had a great purpose for our relationship. Through our relationship, God has drawn us closer to him and has revealed his desire for us to serve him together. Recently, we made a huge transition by moving all the way across Colorado. Having graduated, Kendra received a job as an accountant in Fort Collins. We both felt God compelling Kendra to take the job. We literally had no idea what to expect but knew this was where we needed to be. So we made the leap of faith. We have experienced nothing short of complete blessing and fulfillment, and give all credit to God!

I grew up attending a Baptist church and accepted Jesus as my personal savior at the age of 5. I was very involved in church activities including youth events, missions, and outreach. Entering into my 8th-grade year, my family moved from Texas to Colorado. This was a huge transition for me in many aspects and was a very important time for growing in my faith. I became connected with an awesome youth group in Colorado Springs in which I operated as a student leader. I was involved in leading music primarily within a youth band but was also apart of several mission trips and other special events. I really started to find a love for God and began to realize the plans and direction he had for me.

After graduating from Adams State University, newly married, I started pursuing a work career. I had a couple of different jobs almost immediately out of college. Praise God for always providing. Around this same time, Kendra and I started attending Calvary Baptist Church in Monte, Vista Colorado. Actually, it was the same church Kendra grew up in, which is pretty cool. We had both been away from the “church” for several years and felt that God was calling us back to him. We began getting connected in this church, and at that time I felt God calling me specifically to worship ministry. There was a need for leadership in that area in particular. As my desire increased to lead and be apart of the music team, God’s provision over that desire increased as well. He put all the necessary steps in place to make exactly that happen. I became the leader of the music committee and began to build upon an existing worship leading team. God used this time to grow me in many ways, but especially in my personal relationship with him. I began to take on a lot of responsibility and started to understand the repercussions of being a leader in the church and what it means to be a leader in Christ in general. Through all of that time, ups and downs, God continued to form a passion and a heart for serving others that he had placed in me many years ago.

Undoubtedly, God lead Kendra and I to Lifepointe Church. This was no mistake, to say the least. The first day that we attended, we unanimously felt that God was calling us here! Even before we became official members, God was seemingly calling me to serve in some capacity. I began serving as a volunteer worship band member and knew this was something that fit my gifting. At the same time, I felt God calling me to something more specific. So I began praying and seeking his plan for my life. After some time and deliberation, he revealed that he wanted me to be a part-time staff member at Lifepointe Church in the capacity of youth intern. I was accepted with loving arms by the staff and the elder board. I truly believe God has willed for me to be here and has a great purpose in what he is teaching me through this experience. As the Youth Intern at Lifepointe, I had the opportunity to continue to explore my passion to grow as a worship leader, as well as learn how to make disciples of all ages. I learned so much about relating to others, being a part of a team, and generally experiencing what it looks like to be a church staff member on a day to day basis. I am looking forward to how this position will impact my future work for God, and how it will impact others to find their purpose and calling in God as well. Thank you for the welcoming spirit I have received from everyone at Lifepointe! As my internship has completed, I am still serving as a worship leader at LifePointe.

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