Megan Spiegel

Megan Spiegel | Communications Coordinator

I am originally from Wisconsin “Go! Pack! Go!” where we visit and vacation often.  I met my incredible husband Josh in Laramie WY while we were both in school.  Josh is also from Wisconsin… in fact the cities he and I grew up in are about an hour apart – God has quite a sense of humor.  We were married in June 2007.   We have a daughter AdiLynn born in 2012, and a son Malachi born in 2016.  They are teaching us how to be better parents, and each day we get the privilege to watch how God is molding them. Our family enjoys camping, yard games, ATVing, hunting, fishing, playing games and photography.  I am truly honored to be a part of this staff.  I love to serve others and help where I can.  I am excited to see how God will use me.

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    Zack Yarbrough: Pastor of Worship & Preaching
  • Wes Moore
    Wes Moore: Pastor of Administration & Preaching
  • Craig Fortunato
    Craig Fortunato: Pastor of Community Life & Preaching
  • Dale Williams
    Dale Williams: Pastor of Congregational Care
  • Cheryl Blatchley
    Cheryl Blatchley: Director of Children’s Ministries
  • Jeri Templeton
    Jeri Templeton: Elementary Coordinator
  • Barb Hill
    Barb Hill: Building Host
  • Megan Spiegel
    Megan Spiegel: Communications Coordinator
  • Alex Riehl
    Alex Riehl: Youth Ministry Intern
  • Jonathan Ceballos
    Jon Ceballos: Worship Ministry
  • Jim Ramirez
    Jim Ramirez: Elder
  • Rex Steffen
    Rex Steffen: Elder Chairman
  • John Webb
    John Webb: Elder
  • Lindsay Sherrill
    Lindsay Sherrill | Early Childhood Coordinator
  • Russ Rhoads
    Russ Rhoads: Maintenance
  • Jeremy Justus
    Jeremy Justus: Worship Leader
  • Keith Brauneis
    Keith Brauneis: Director of Student Ministries
  • Missions Director
    Missions Director
  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller: Elder