Russ Rhoads

Russ Rhoads | Maintenance Coordinator

I was raised in a home that believed in God and it was in between my 7th and 8th grade year that I accepted Christ as my personal savior.  I was lukewarm at best till after high school when the Lord got my attention while irrigating on a farm north of Fort Collins I was struck by lightning.  God’s grace was real as I was spared.  That year I rededicated my life to Christ was baptized here at LifePointe (First Baptist) and I have been a member here for over 40 years!  Marcia and I met square dancing at CSU in the fall of 76 and were married three years later in 1979!  We have three children Grant, his wife Courtny, Deanna, her husband Josh,  Holly and her husband Jerry.  We have to grandsons Josiah and Jonathan Rhoads.  I started in the maintenance position here in Sept, 2016 and this year in November took on the Maintenance Coordinator position.  I have a small poultry farm raising meat chickens an also egg layers. I enjoy almost everything outdoors, I hunt, fish, garden, bicycle, hike.  I am glad God gave me this opportunity to use some of the skills I have learned over the years to help with the operation of the LifePointe facility.  I am looking forward to how God works in bringing others into this ministry to help keep this facility in great shape!!

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