Rex Steffen

Rex Steffen


Rex was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to Glen and Esther Steffen. At an early age his parents explained the good news of Christ to him and he prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. Rex doesn’t remember that event, but he does remember a specific time when he was in high school that the Spirit of God opened his eyes in a new way to God’s glorious grace and sparked a desire to fully trust Christ and follow him in faith and obedience.

When Rex was in the 8th grade, his parents moved the family to Fort Collins so he and his younger sisters could attend Heritage Christian School. At that time, Rex and his family began attending LifePointe and he remained there through his high school years. He attended Biola University in Southern California, which is where Rex met the love of his life, Joleen and they were married in 1987. Rex and Joleen both graduated from Biola in 1988 and stayed in Southern California for a few years as they began their respective careers, Rex in the Information Technology field, and Joleen in math teaching.

In 1992, Rex and Joleen moved back to Fort Collins to be closer to family. After many years of suffering through infertility, God called them to adopt five children: Noah in 1995, Josh in 1998, Abby in 2005, and Adrianna and Mika in 2011. Through being an adoptive father, Rex has a new perspective on the wonderful truth of God the Father’s adoption of us as His sons and daughters.

Rex and Joleen have been involved members of LifePointe since 1992. Rex has led many small groups over the years and has a passion to see people’s lives changed by Christ through the authentic community that occurs in small groups. Rex currently leads two LifeGroups – a Sunday morning group focused on “Learning to Be a Follower of Jesus” and a Thursday morning men’s group.

Rex loves the LifePointe family and considers it a great privilege to serve as an elder.

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